Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Starting a New School Year

Welcome back to school!  It's amazing how nervous I still get and this will be my 7th year of teaching.  As I look at my new students walk in the door with anxious smiles on their faces I can't help but feel that same excitement that I do every year that this year I will make a difference!  It is a clean slate and I can change what I didn't like about my teaching for this year (that's the best part, because I'm always changing things, always trying to find the best way to do something).

Setting goals is very important for me to do at the beginning of the year.  I am not a write-it-down-and-do-it person when it comes to goals.  I store my goals in my head.  Immediately the first day I can tell who will need some extra help in certain subjects.  I can tell if a student will need a bit more attention from me to help them stay focused, and I can tell if a student will need some help boosting their self esteem and become more comfortable around me and their classmates.  

This first semester I welcome a student teacher in my classroom.  I look forward to learning some things from her as well as I hope to teach her a few things.  Being in a smaller school like I am I touch on a lot of areas that other teachers don't.  I help to build our curriculum, scope and sequence.  I recommend getting in on that type of work if you can because it really is beneficial to your teaching when you know what other grades are teaching and how all of your standards match up to what you teach.

Well enough rambling on for one night.  In a nut shell... I am the luckiest teacher to be teaching in an awesome school.  Here's to another great year in fourth grade!

Fourth grade is the place to be!!