Thursday, February 7, 2013

Going West...

Teaching fourth grade gives me the wonderful privilege of teaching Nebraska history.  One activity I especially like to do is to form groups with desks and build covered wagons.  I have special "wagon rules" that ensures good behaviour while students are in groups.  I tell them if they talk or have inappropriate behaviour then they will get kicked out of the wagon. :)

Here is how to make the covered wagons...
First I form groups of 4 students and tape 4 yard/meter sticks to the four corners of the desks (I make sure they are really secure).  Next I take wire hangers and unwind them and shape them in a arch shape.  These wires are also taped securely to the top of each hanger on two ends.  Lastly, I cut paper long enough to cover the entire the space between the arches and fold the ends in and tape or staple them to be secure.

My fourth graders build these with my directions and really they just do what works the best.

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